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What is chattyhive?

Chattyhive is a social chat service that allows you to interact with other users through the topics you like and to create communities to share information in real time.

Who are we?

Chattyhive started as a startup from Vigo, a middle size city inside Spain. We were at the beginning four guys from Telecommunication Engineering and started with the big support of Universidad de Vigo. Through the history of the project a total of eleven people worked on it. We have finally decided to open source it on 2016. You can find more about us in our blog and in chattyhive's LinkedIn page.

How does chattyhive work?

Users can subscribe to hives they like to follow or can create their own. A hive represents a topic or a community, which can be something as specific as an event in your city for the next weekend or something a lot more general like a popular game or a music genre.

Joining these hives users can connect, chat and share information with other users that have the same preferences, take part of debates, stay up to date about what’s happening on this topic, and make friends inside or outside the app thanks to geolocation and suggestions based on user’s activity.

When will I be able to try chattyhive?

Chattyhive is now an open source project, and everyone is welcome to contribute or take advantage of the code.

There is a backend in production ready state but with outdated code, and an Android app in alpha/beta stage, that you can build a test. There is also a good amount of documentation for the API, the backend, and the Business side of things. You can check all this on our github projects

Will I be able to use chattyhive in my device?

Chattyhive was first being implemented for Android devices. There is no work yet done for iPhone and iPad releases.

How can I get involved / help?

You can take a look to our repos on github and contribute to them. For any other question or suggestion you can email us to diego@chattyhive.com.

You can also help us a lot by sharing our project with your friends and following us in the social networks with the buttons below this text.